If you are interested in a consultation for Interior or Graphic Design, or you would like to discuss a Small Business Consultation subscription, please use the links provided on our Contact page to email us. Due to the size of our operation and the intimate focus on details with each client, we take a limited number of clients each year. 

Nearly 20 years in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries has equipped us with unequivocal knowledge and experience to help you set up your new business or take you to the next level of success.

Contracting small business consultants can be taxing and relatively scary.  You are allowing someone into your business to assess and analyze, and then they leave.  That is how Modern Farms US is different.

Our services as consultants to your small business (specializing in retail, maker/artist, restaurant, hospitality/lodging, and farming) will help you every step of the way and is paid on a subscription basis.  You will keep our services as long as you need them.  Our feedback and analysis of your business can be as critical as you need.  We can also offer one-time consultations to help with merchandising, finance, e-commerce, scheduling/staffing, service assessment, or any other business needs. 

You supply us with your goals and ambitions and let us know where you want to focus.  We will customize a consulting package that works perfectly for you and within your budget.


Specializing in modern, mid-century, rustic, country, and traditional interiors, let us bring new life to your space. 

Our goal is to make your home feel like an extension of your style and personality.  Allow us to make your home a place you are proud to entertain guests and share with your family and friends.

Not everyone can 'bring it all together' even when they have multiple pieces they know they love.  Whether you need your entire home resigned and decorated, or you just need some seasonal updates, we provide affordable consultations, styling, design advice, and design services to fit your needs. 

We come to you after your contractors have set the bones.  Let us help you choose furniture, decor, textiles, paint colors, and finishes that reflect your dreams and materialize in a home that is all your own.  You may watch design shows on TV and fantasize of a home that feels well designed but lust for something that isn't a reflection of your designer or a cookie-cutter of what has already been produced.  You need us. 

Custom advertising, marketing, and branding can be extremely important to any small business.  It can also be incredibly costly. 

Our elevated eye and exposure to highly lucrative branding efforts will allow us to bring your vision alive.  We can create logos and impactful marketing to help you achieve your business goals. 

Perhaps you need a refresh on already created collateral to see a boost in business or you are starting from scratch and need assistance from the ground up.  No matter what stage you are in, we are here to help.

Allow us to design for you and finish the project by producing business cards, brochures, print ads, multimedia business presentations, and any other graphic/digital work you may need by choosing a Modern Farms US S-T-F Design Package (Start to Finish).  This takes the worrying out of your hands and places it into professional's hands.