In 1995, Jeremy purchased his first rabbit to begin a 4H project. This was a decision that would guide him into his adult life and be the inspiration for creating Modern Farms US.

Jeremy Collins and Michael Dermer are the co-proprietors of Modern Farms US.  Located in Healdsburg, California, the heart of Sonoma County.  A bustling town, surrounded by farms, vineyards, and wineries, Healdsburg is a culinary destination filled with some of wine country's best restaurants and dining options. 

While work brought Jeremy and Michael to Healdsburg, the sense of community and the ability to live in a 'city' while enjoying farming and animal husbandry is what keeps Modern Farms US based in this lively area.  Our modest property is situated just blocks from Healdsburg Plaza and is comprised of Netherland Dwarf and New Zealand rabbits; Ameraucana, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, and Wyandotte chickens; and Coturnix quail. 

Rabbits are raised for show and meat production, supplying fine dining establishments within Healdsburg.  Coops are primarily used for egg production for personal use, although select restaurants are supplied with quail eggs to be used in signature dishes on their menus. 

Between 1995 and 2005, Jeremy operated Jer's Gems Rabbitry in Tucson, Arizona.  After a robust show career in youth, which included winning 2002 ARBA Convention Youth Best In Show with a homebred Black Otter Netherland Dwarf Doe and being named ARBA King in 2000 and 2002, Jeremy successfully showed in open shows for a few years before deciding to focus on putting himself through college.  In 2016, situated with a prosperous career and loving partner, Jeremy and Michael have rejoined the world of rabbit raising and showing.  They acquired a new breeding group of rabbits from Jason & Heather Coin, Mitchell Ross, Cole Simons, and Kelly Selze to begin their new Netherland Dwarf project and their beautiful New Zealand beginnings came from Manuel & Linda Hidalgo and Matt Detert. 

Jeremy is using the knowledge he gained from his early mentors, like Joy Bramhall, Donna Wahl, Roger Roth, Bobby Schott, the Perez Family, Andrea Fagan, Donelle Bomben, and many other influential breeders and judges with this new line of rabbits to breed animals he is proud to show and sell.  Multiple varieties of Netherland Dwarf are occupying the cages at Modern Farms US, but emphasis is being placed on producing top quality animals in Ruby-Eyed White, Otter, and Broken.  New Zealands are primarily White although we do have some Blues as well.  

Jeremy and Michael have found their talent in identifying and creating beauty spans beyond rabbits and into interiors and graphics.  With a deep portfolio of modern, mid-century, rustic, country, and traditional homes, they use their refined eye to offer design services throughout the country for your home.  Michael specializes in graphic design and digital renderings to help you brand your business or envision your space.  Together, this is a design team you will want working with you for any home, corporate, or small business project.